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You have gotten this far, but do you have what it takes to stay motivated, focused, and sharp? Having coached over 5,000 people, success leaves clues. An Ultimate Success Athletic Performance Coaching Program will empower you with the clarity, focus, mindfulness, and support you need to achieve ultimate results. If you have the desire and the drive to reach your peak performance and achieve lasting success, then performance coaching is for you.

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Key Benefits Of Athlete Coaching

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Get Crystal Clear

Get a crystal clear vision of what you want so you know when to celebrate when you achieve it.

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Uncover Challenges

Uncover hidden challenges and remove glass ceiling that are holding you back.

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Stay On Track

Build your BOL roadmap of success and learn how to stay on track with expert guidance.

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Renewed & Inspired

After each session you’ll be renewed, re-energized and inspired for peak performance.

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The Ultimate Success Coaching  Advantage

Ultimate Success Coaching follows a proven formula for success. Firstly, we establish a baseline by determining where are you at today. The next step is to understand where you want to be in the future. How do you want to have things in the short, medium, and long term? What does your ideal athletic performance and sporting life look like?

With this understanding, we zero in and focus on building on the things that support you at the same time we help you identify and remove the hidden things that hold you back. 

With an Ultimate Success Coaches' help, you effectively re-align yourself for great success and peak performance by improving on your strengths and removing any weaknesses. One of the benefits of doing this is athletes find it easier to establish a competition 'flow state' and be  'in the zone' when they need it most.

An Ultimate Success Coaches' job is to help you achieve your short, medium, and long term goals.

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Ultimate Success Coaching Programs

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$2497 pm.

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$4997 pm.

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$POA pm.

What Clients Are Saying...

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Ian (Ruffy) Ruff
Olympic Bronze Medallist
Canberra, Australia

Peter is the kind of coach that thinks before he speaks and is always 100% present for his clients. We have had a lot of fun pushing boundaries and creating programs designed to bring out the very best opportunity for success. What I especially like about Peter’s coaching is he has massive amounts of patience so you get to continue to focus on mastering what it is you want before moving on. I’d recommend Peter as the guy who’ll bend over backwards to help you get it done, whatever that may be for you.

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Jim Mutch
Champion Masters Racer
New Zealand

Peter, what I value about your coaching style is that you clearly make that distinction. In addition, your prioritising of focus, your penetrating analysis of problems and your incremental step by step approach to solving them leads directly and inevitably to noticeable improvement and eventually to success. It certainly does for me and I am aware of others whose success whose successes can be largely be attributed to applying these principles which you articulate so eloquently.

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Greg Allen
Expert Cricketer & Skier
Artarmon, NSW

Peter is an easy going person and has a great temperament. He is a highly skilled coach, in that he has an ability to be able to focus on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and work through the process in an effective way to improve and challenge a person’s skills. He does this through a work process where he is a good listener, takes in suggestions, provides worthwhile feedback and patiently goes about moving the person through the process. He concentrates on getting things right.

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