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I Am More Of A Lover Than A Fighter, But...

I have to say I was completely fascinated recently as I watched two athletes mentally prepare for one of the biggest fight of their lives. In terms of their mental approach, one athlete did just about everything you can possibly do to prepare in a way that DOES NOT SERVE them and the other athlete did everything you can possibly do TO SERVE them.

It may not come as no surprise that the athlete who prepared in a way that served them won in convincing fashion but I thought I would highlight both approaches here because we can all learn something from each approach. 

Firstly I want to be clear here, I wasn't at the fight nor did I work with either of the athletes, however given there was so many media interviews before, during and after the fight I have been able to watch, listen and learn about both fighters pre-fight routines, so I am well placed to highlight some of the differences in their approaches so we can all learn something.


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