Welcome, I'm Peter Alan Stone and I'm a sports, life and business coach and passionate skier.

I work with talented successful people and help them breakthrough to another level of success!

For over two decades I coached clients to personal breakthroughs on the ski slopes of USA, Canada and Australia.

I would identify what was holding my clients back and help them conquer any fears, gaps in understanding or limiting beliefs to become a better skier by unlocking their personal power to achieve things they sometimes didn't even realise they were capable of.

My clients were already very successful people in their chosen fields and included Billionaires, Hollywood Producers, CEO's, Business Leaders, Athletes and regular skiers from all walks of life so the knowledge and discoveries I gained from working with such talented people was priceless and incredibly rewarding.

Skiing is an incredible sport because the feeling you get when you do it well is that of PURE FREEDOM and who doesn't enjoy that? So often my clients were on a very serious mission and dedicated to breaking through to the next level of success to enjoy the feeling of ULTIMATE FREEDOM! 

During this time I was able to test and develop my own personal breakthrough coaching theories and technologies on over 5,000 coaching clients.

Having left the mountains (for now) while I raise my twin boys, I continue to coach (because this is what I love to do) unlocking my clients' personal power, sense of freedom and empowering them to go after that which they really want in life, business and sports through my 1-on-1 coaching and mastermind group programs.

1 -on-1 Coaching Programs include:

- Extraordinary Life Coaching
- Rapid Business Success Coaching
- Rapid Sporting Success Coaching

Mastermind Group Coaching programs include:

- BizMojo Mastermind Group Coaching

So today when I coach, I draw from my personal breakthrough technologies, the latest talent profiling IP from the Entrepreneurs Institute, lessons learned from my 6,000+ coaching clients and a life spent in pursuit in what makes people perform at the highest level so you can fast-track your results in life, business and sport.

Please take a moment to look around the website and be sure to take advantage of my free coaching offers in life, business and sport!

Wishing you every success in your life.

Peter Alan Stone
See you on the slopes


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