Award-Winning Coach Peter Alan Stone Reveals…

The One Non-Negotiable Trait Successful Athletes Share

Even when Challenged with Performing Outside Their Comfort Zone

“I’m not interested in going to the Olympics…”

Spencer slid in beside me for a better look at his video review.

“I just want to know if that run was any good.”

I began replaying the video.

“This is going to hurt,” I told him.

I ripped apart his skiing and worried I’d never see him again.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

The next week, we sat down for another video review.

He had incorporated my feedback, and his skiing was much improved.

But I was about to do something I feared might crush him—though, of course, I hoped it wouldn’t.

I froze the video at the end of a poor turn:

“Here is where you need to be for the next turn, at least a yard higher, if you want to carry speed into the next gate.”

Spencer surprised me again.

Instead of giving up in frustration —

He expressed excitement.

I had a feeling he could become a successful ski racer, but this proved it.

When Spencer first showed up to ski camp, he admitted he secretly hoped I'd see his potential, and he would not be critiqued. But now, he was beyond that.

Spencer would persevere at any cost, no matter how painful.

Today — more than 20 years later — Spencer Frost is still one of the finest ski coaches and fastest masters ski racers going around.

But when he approached me with his very first effort, he had none of that. All he had was…

The one non-negotiable trait I’ve seen in every successful athlete I’ve known or mentored over the last 30-years.

In fact, unless you acquire this non-negotiable trait, I can almost guarantee you’ll never succeed as an athlete — no matter how talented you may be.

I call it The Winner Game.

It’s a foundational trait in every successful athlete I know.

Painful setbacks, crushing results, and agonizing missed opportunities plague most every athlete.

Regardless how skilled you are, if you can’t learn and grow from the constant setbacks and challenges, you’ll likely quit when things get hard…

Leaving a path open for those determined to endure the painful journey to success.

It breaks my heart to say it, but it’s true—


Most athletes never get to see the results of their hard work.

No matter how much natural ability they bring…

No matter how good their intentions.

The harsh reality is that most athletes never get out of their own way.

Most will never get to feel what it's like to be in the zone, where time stands still and everything is working for you - even your competition!

Not because they lack passion. Not because their intentions are bad.

Not even because they lack talent. (Countless talented athletes go unnoticed.)

But because they don’t have control of The Winner Game. 

But there is good news.


You can learn and cultivate The Winner Game, and more easily than you might think. That’s what I want to share with you today.

But first, a warning:

This challenging path will test the limits of your ability, willpower, self-discipline, and even self-esteem.

But if you have the courage to pursue it, you’ll learn the most important lesson of your sporting career — the foundational mindset and winning formula required for success.

The same mindset successful athletes have used for years, even though they face the same fears you do.

If you’re serious about this, stay with me. But if you’re not willing to endure a personal transformation to make your dreams a reality…

Stop here.

If you’re still with me, our first step is to identify where you are right now and whether you need, or already can access the Winner Game.

Does This Sound Like You?

I’ve discovered something about underperforming athletes.

When they give up, it’s rarely cold turkey. It’s not as if they're an athlete one day, but not the next.

Rather, their self-belief slowly erodes.

So tell me, does this sound at all like you?

Chasing sporting success has long been your passion, and for a time, it even seemed like a fun pastime.

Maybe someone told you, you had a gift, and you began dreaming of being the best you can be, turning pro, fulfilling your purpose, leaving a legacy.

But somewhere along the line, something changed.

The more you committed, the bigger the challenge, the less relaxing and more stressful the process became.

You may have even made a promising start, but something wasn't right. And when you did go for it, you feared failing — worried it would prove you don’t really deserve to be there.

Doubts crept in. You asked yourself:

“What makes you think you can actually do this? There’s no way I can do this - I'm not ready for this.”

Now, when you perform, it seems your brain and body are out of sync.

Nothing comes out just right.

Competing had gone from a pleasure to a chore.

So you lower your expectations to give yourself a break, to wait for the right time — when you are more prepared.

But eventually, those small missed opportunities pile up.

But here’s the raw


There will always be challenges.

Time is not on your side and “one day” never shows up on your calendar.

As long as you are stuck (even at the micro-level) in your own way at the unconscious level, you are going to be forced to find reasons to not commit 100% and you’ll likely never reach your personal best performance.

But, again, there is good news.

You can gain control over your unconscious mind.

You can turn your dream into a flourishing career.

You can develop the steely determination Spencer Frost used to achieve his skiing dreams.

Learning and internalizing The Winner Game can give you all these things. And I can show you how today.

What exactly is
The Winner Game?


It’s what has allowed me to stand proudly on top of the podium, after years of missing out and just falling short, virtually overnight.

It took me 20+ years to discover that success requires an alignment between your unconscious mind and your conscious intention.

Without this alignment, no matter how hard you try, you are not going to be able to perform at your very best.

I call the unconscious workings of your mind, mindset, self-talk, thinking, memories, and emotions - the Inner Game.

And because there were things in my past that didn't serve me, my Inner Game created glass ceilings and effectively caped my performance - for years! 

The Winner Game consists of the most important elements you must learn to become a successful athlete.

When you learn how to master your Inner Game - you unlock 100% of your Winner Game.

Athletes who embody The Winner Game:

1. Have a clear outcome.

Clarity leads to power and is the driver behind this process.

2. Build a winning formula.

Where winning becomes second nature, like breathing.

3. Uncover hidden challenges. 

By exploring the uncomfortable places that others fear.

4. Remove glass ceilings. 

So they are free to go for it at 100%.

5. Stay on track.

Remain hungry, humble, grounded, grateful, and focused.

Those are the 5 most important skills you can learn as an athlete.


Without them, regardless how talented you may be — you won’t have the ultimate success formula to reach the finish line.

All athletes risk missing out, rejection, and failing.

All athletes fear they’re not good enough. (I still do as an athlete, coach, and budding author!)

And all athletes would sometimes rather do anything but train, do media and compete.

Success is not measured by whether you face such obstacles, but by how you deal with them.

Most athletes never reach their full potential because they haven’t cultivated The Winner Game.

They talk about going for it, but they rarely do.

And when they do, it’s in fits and starts.

They rarely ask for help and hardly ever risk sharing the things that hold them back.

But imagine…

The success you could become with The Winner Game

The Winner Game gives you the power to transform virtually any challenge into something you can use to your advantage.


You could…

  • Show up confidently at your next competition, event, or game, face your fears, and actually enjoy the discomfort

  • Create an inner alignment and balance to produce your best possible performances

  • Gain control over the things that hold you back and be free to go for it 100%, instead of promising the real you will show up “one day”

Sound appealing?

In a moment, I’ll show you how to develop The Winner Game that has allowed me to coach over 5,000 clients, including athletes of all abilities, while in my spare time - testing my theories ski racing.

I’ve been coaching since I was 16 and have been coaching other coaches since age 28, but my first breakthrough performance came in my first season of ski racing, aged 34 - but I wasn't ready for that level of success.

And finally, taking control of my Winer Game — the day that changed my life?

That was aged 41.

Yet, believe it or not, I still face the same fears you do.

Every time I go to compete, I worry:

  • I don’t have it in me anymore…

  • Those around me will finally find out I’m a fraud…

  • That my best performances are behind me.

But I show up and compete anyway.

In fact, I actually embrace those fears as valid and transform them to produce my best performances.

That’s part of The Winner Game.

It’s helped me get to where I am today.

And I believe it’s…


The Single Most Important Thing You Will Ever Learn As An Athlete


I want you to show up clear, focused, and determined to persevere.

I want you to feel you’re doing what you’re meant to do each time you train and compete.

I want to see you achieve your dreams.

I want you to feel motivated by the infinite possibilities.

I want you to confidently show up and welcome the challenges that help you improve and get closer to your goal.

I want to help you create your winning formula for your professional and personal life.

The Winner Game can help you achieve all this.

I want to share it with you because it’s been the foundation of a dream coaching career for me — and it can help you achieve your dreams too.

That’s why I’m introducing… 

Ultimate Success 2022

The First Coaching Program Designed to Help You Transform Your Inner Game Into Your Winner Game

The Winner Game can push you past mental blocks and the obstacles keeping you from achieving your personal best.

Hear me out, improving your results is important and always will be. I’ve developed many ways of helping clients do this.

As your results increase, so does your confidence!

But add The Winner Game into the mix, and it's another level, you’ll be off and running.

I’ve designed the Ultimate Success 2022 program as a way to help you overcome the things that hold you back to give you the best chance to achieve your goals.

Yes! I Want The Next 12 Months To Be Awesome

Here’s how Ultimate Success 2022 works


It's 12 months of a combination of 1-on-1, group, laser coaching, and a self-paced online course. The program is jam-packed with the tools, insights, inspiration, and support to get you to the next level and beyond.

Ultimate Success 2022 Plus is more fast-tracked because it includes double the amount of 1-on-1 and laser coaching each month.

Having coached thousands of people, you start to see patterns in the things that hold them back...

I found most of those not achieving their goals were simply neglecting one of more of the 5 elements that comprise The Winner Game.

That means, they...

  1. Can't get clear on their outcomes
  2. Can't build a winning formula
  3. Can't uncover hidden challenges
  4. Can't remove glass ceilings
  5. Can't stay on track

To become a successful athlete, you must overcome each of those obstacles.

I created this program to give you everything I know about building a strong Winner Game that keeps you winning, no matter the circumstances.

Things you’ll be able to do after completing your Ultimate Success 2022 Program

  • Quickly transform any negative stuff into motivation and setbacks into valuable lessons that make you a stronger athlete
  • Steamroll over self-doubts like “I’m not good enough” and continue pushing forward, no matter what your inner critic says
  • Pinpoint your fears with laser-like precision so you can use their powerful energy as fuel for your performance
  • Identify the painful truth about why you haven’t been performing at your best
  • Review the great performances, so you can see how you measure up against some of the best athletes
  • Force yourself to be at your best — even when this is the absolute last thing you want to do (Some days, you just have to push through.)
  • Test your winning formula ideas on others — and actually get the truth out of them.
  • Ask the right questions so you can create your best performance
  • Think the way successful athletes do when needed — effectively piggybacking off of my 30+ years of coaching expertise to turn any situation to your advantage
  • Transform the pain of failure into a valuable lesson that makes you more prepared the next time you compete
  • Understand at a high level how the Inner Game works as I reveal what I know from 30+ in the trenches
  • And much, much, more…

Ultimate Success 2022 is designed to help you transform your Inner Game into your Winner Game

One who…

  1. Gets clear on their outcome
  2. Builds a winning formula
  3. Uncovers hidden challenges
  4. Removes glass ceilings
  5. Stays on track.


But Ultimate Success 2022 is not for everyone.


If you’re looking for a magic bullet to turn you into an unbeatable athlete overnight, look elsewhere.

I don’t promise that, and beware anyone who does.

Ultimate Success 2022 is for only those athletes who recognize something has been holding them back and are willing to put in the effort to correct it.

It’s for athletes courageous enough to face their fears and channel them into motivation to pursue their dreams.

It’s for athletes ready to work. Looking for an easy way out? This is not it.

But if what you’ve read so far resonates with you, if you dream of delivering your best possible performance but have been unable to make progress…

Let me help you turn your dream into reality.

You might be wondering…

How Do I Make A Start?


I have made the first step, very easy for you. Even if you are only a little bit interested, click the link below to register your interest.

Now, I may or may not be the right coach for you, but we will never know unless we have a private chat.

So the link below takes you to a FREE one-session program register page where you can:

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Having a no-obligation-free chat gives you a chance to take a glimpse inside the coaching platform and is the quickest way I have found to find out if we can work well together.

So, even if you’re only a little bit interested, I encourage you to learn more by clicking the link below.

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I’ve Removed All the Risk for You


Having coached over 5,000 people, I am pretty sure we will have a productive time on the call. I'll be focused on seeing where I can add value and support for your 2022 goals.

If you decide to accept one of the 15 places available on the program, after joining Ultimate Success 2022, you’ll enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So what have you got to lose?

Frequently Asked Questions

So, which group do you belong to?

Many athletes will consider how Ultimate Success 2022 might help them, and then move on.

Some of those may become successful — but most won’t.

But a select few will decide that today is the day to take action. Maybe you’re one of those.

If you are, make today the day you take control of your life.

Begin to transform your Inner Game.

Begin your transformation into the super successful athlete you were born to be.

I’d love for you to join us.

Here’s how I weigh such decisions.


If this program is right for you, it could forever alter your results and career.

It could change the way you view yourself, giving you the confidence you need to persevere no matter what.

It could make the process of going for it 100%, and operating outside your comfort zone, fun again.

But we will never know unless you find the courage to have a chat.


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